The Rebel’s Guide to Building a Kick-Ass Blog

Everyone is coming to WordCamp to figure out the rules. Jason Falls hates rules. He’ll show you how the rules of building a good blog are bogus and give you ideas on how to build a killer blog and audience by flipping up your collar and telling the rules makers to blow off. (And he’ll mix in some ideas on how to make money, partner with agencies and brands and more, too. He’s useful. And fun.)

WordPress Security

Security is a major concern when building a WordPress site. Hear what happens when your site gets hacked, how to fix it, and how to prevent it from happening in the first place. Learn from Justin Jones’ mistakes, and see why “Google Says You Shouldn’t Visit His Church.”

The state of HTML5

Too busy to catch up on the latest with HTML5? Wes hits the high points and discusses where the standard is at, how it’s evolving, where browsers are in it’s adoption, and tosses in lots of “WOW… the web can do that? along the way. This talk doesn’t focus on WordPress per se; instead, provides a context for where HTML is heading (and in somes cases where HTML5 is already). Come have fun in a light-hearted look at where HTML5 is today.

WordPress and E-commerce

An overview of essential e-commerce concepts with some basic tips for implementing an e-commerce website on WordPress. This talk covers payment gateways, how credit card processing really works, merchant accounts, SSL certificates, PCI compliance, basic WordPress security tips and a very brief review of popular e-commerce solutions for WordPress.

bbPress: Plugin development done right

bbPress is an exemplary model of what really, really good plugin development should look like. I will walk through some of the elements that make bbPress great from a developer’s perspective and give ideas for how to implement these practices in your own plugins. The talk will involve demonstrations of some advanced code used throughout the bbPress plugin, so come prepared.

Deploying WordPress

Topics include insights on using WordPress with a VPS. We’ll discus multitenancy For WordPress. A quick overview – multitenancy means multiple WordPress sites running off a single WordPress code base. This is not the same as multi-user.

24 ways to make WordPress FAST

24 ways to make WordPress faster! We’ll start with basic theme optimizations and work our way up to server configurations. There’s something for everyone. So if you want your WordPress site to load faster and handle hundreds of requests per second, don’t miss this talk.

Mobile Development

Mobile on the half shell: Quick and dirty custom mobile themes. We’ve all seen the writing on the wall. Mobile is here to stay, and it is here in a big way. Have you optimized your site for a mobile audience? Quick overview with tips and best practices, touching on responsive design and the popular plugin WPTouch.

Proper Foundation For Development

Laying the Proper Foundation for Plugin and Theme Development

So you have a brilliant idea for a theme or a plugin and you’re ready to jump right in and start making it work. But have you thought about the first things first? It has been said that those who fail to plan, plan to fail, so if you don’t want your theme or plugin to break later, be too difficult to scale, or be a headache to continue to add to and grow, then take the time now to lay a strong foundation. This session will cover things like enqueues, structure, and even lightly touch on transients. Don’t learn the hard way, always be prepared.

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