WordCamp Louisville 2012 — Wrap Up!

I don’t want this to get lost in the message below, so I am placing this at the top. Please take a quick moment and fill out this survey. Your answers will help make WordCamp Louisville a more enjoyable experience in the future.

-Scott Hack @scotthack



Thank you again to our sponsors. VIA Studio who has now sponsored us the past two years and Code Poet. It wouldn’t have been possible without the continued support of sponsors.


Thank you to all of our wonderful speakers. Especially to those who traveled into town. We know that traveling is not cheap, and we are extremely grateful that you included our camp in your travel budget for 2012.

The WordPress Foundation

Thank you to Andrea for keeping the rudder pointed in the right direction as we came down the home stretch and for all of the admin duties she does behind the scenes with venue contracts, budgets and logistics of camera and swag shipments.

Fellow Organizers

Eric Blackwell and Jon Karlen for their assistance in putting the camp together. Eric kindly donated the use of his projector so we could save the money on renting one. Jon manned the video camera helping us capture all of the talks for others to view who couldn’t make the camp. Bill Rice for stepping up and helping with whatever was asked of him, despite my complete lack of delegation skills. Bill is directly responsible for both speaking, as well as bringing Johnathan Davis into town. Liz Hack, my wife — who helped with registration, signage, promotion, and most importantly… keeping me sane.


The camp wouldn’t exist without the attendees. Buying your ticket and committing your Saturday to learn and network with like minded individuals from the community is the reason our camp exists. Thank you for putting your faith ( and money ) with us.

WordPress Meetup!

At the end of WordCamp Louisville, I encouraged attendees to get involved. To participate and to help grow the WordPress community in Louisville. Richard Meadows heard that cry and went right to work. As of Monday October 15th, 2012 — The WordPress Louisville Meetup group now has a home. We’ve been invited to use the new iHub building downtown to host our meetings. This building meets several of our needs… Including : Wifi, Easy parking, Centrally located, and of course it had to meet our budget. Our first meetup is planned for November 13th, 2012. More details will be coming over the next week. But please go ahead and mark your calendar now.

Speaker Notes

Jason Falls – Website / Twitter / Slides

Johnathan Davis – Website / Twitter / Slides

Tammy Hart – Website / Twitter / Slides

Nick Temple – Website / Twitter / Reference

Bill Rice – Website / Twitter / Slides

Justin Jones – Website / Twitter / Slides

Hal Bugriss – Website / Twitter / Slides

Jason McCreary – Website / Twitter / Slides

Wesley Reisz – Website / Twitter / Slides

Pippin Williamson – Website / Twitter / Slides

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Sponsor Spotlight – VIA Studio

VIA Studio: Who We Are

VIA Studio is a Louisville web design and marketing agency. We specialize in creating quality creative, marketing, and technology strategies for our clients. We work with business of all sizes, from large corporations to small business, utilizing tried-and-true principles of design and software development.

Technical Proficiency

VIA Studio has been building large-scale WordPress sites for over 6 years. We are a regional developer of websites and web apps,
also specializing in Codeignitor and CakePHP projects when WordPress becomes the square peg. You need mobile development? No problem, we do that too.

Keepers of the Brand

Now more than ever, when a new website is just a new theme away, brand identity is critical. Since 1996 we have been encouraging our clients to think of the web as a media, and treat it as such. We have won awards for our work every year since we’ve been in business, and our leadership in brand is evident in our staff’s tenures on the boards of the American Advertising Federation and Louisville Graphic Design Association.

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Ticket sales are now open!

Ticket sales are now open!

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Picking up steam ( And Speakers! )

If you haven’t been following along, we’ve been adding speakers and speaker bios to our site. Visit the SPEAKER page for a taste of what we plan on offering. Additional speakers and session descriptions will start showing up in the coming weeks as well. Really looking forward to this camp! Hope you’ll are too.

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